Friday, March 27, 2009

Ramblings on AI and a new mix

First things first, I gave up my shame about watching American Idol a while back, so even though I am sure to get shit for talking about it, here are my very brief two cents. If I were putting money on who would be the most successful of the crew left this season it is hands down Allison Iraheta. Not really my thing, but she is the closest thing they have had to a Kelly Clarkson since the first season, and Clarkson is arguably the best/most successful winner they have produced. Sure Carrie Underwood is close, but having a hot, skinny blonde chick sell records about Jesus to country music fans is like shooting fish in a barrel. Douche nozzles like Little Big Town and Rascal Flatts have made a career of doing the same thing without the help of Idol, so I don’t consider her that formidable a talent. You could say Chris Daughtry has done alright if you are into music for frat house rape rooms or shopping at Family Dollar, but he didn’t win the show. The rest have all been as bland as dirt sandwiches.

Will Iraheta win? Probably not. I am guessing the largest contingency of voters for that show are teen and pre-teen girls, and I would guess they will throw their support behind bad boy/Nathan Lane impersonator Adam Lambert, and to be honest he probably deserves it. His performance this week of “The Tracks of My Tears” was a nail bending classic; the kind of shit that you should automatically win the show for dropping. Game over. The only time I have come close to being that impressed with an AI performance was when Ruben Studdard turned his sweat glands up to 11 and killed “How Do You Mend a Broken Heart.” Keep in mind, I truly hate this Adam guy, probably my least favorite contestant this season and that is a hard feat to pull off considering that they have had a black chick that sings Motown with all the soul of Josh Groban, an oil rig worker that delivers his karaoke classics with the thumb twiddling fervor of an Amish gang bang and a hot chick that makes me hate my penis for keeping me on the edge of my seat watching her performances.

Long story short; vote for Danny Gokey. I think his wife died or something.

Onto the mix. It has been rainy and grey here for almost a week with the weekend bringing more of the same. This week’s mix reflects that state o’ mind. There is an abundance of tracks from the recently re-released Deluxe Edition of Beth Orton’s Trailer Park. The bonus materials are mostly just her debut EP Best Bit. If you don’t have Best Bit, it is definitely worth picking up if for no other reason, her smoking duets with Terry Callier (one included here), and also her cover of Fred Neil’s “Dolphins” (original included here). Also, I have added a nice opener from the Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble and a great closer from Kings of Convenience. Their track is a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” that demonstrates how much impact a crowd brought up singing soccer anthems can have on a live track. Very good stuff!!!

I have also added a song from the new Chris Cornell disc called “Get Up.” I am not sure if I like this song or if it is a total Audioslave style shit heap. The fact that I have given it about 15 spins and am still on the fence makes me wonder if I might actually like this song. At one time I would have had Cornell in the number three slot as top male metal vocalist (behind number one Bruce Dickinson and number two Rob Halford), but I think recruiting Timbaland to drop beats for you moves him down the list right behind the kids in School of Rock and Kip Winger.

Lastly, check out the Tim Buckley track. Arguably one of my favorite live tracks of all time.


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