Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI Roundup and SIlversun Pickups

First, a little AI roundup.

Every time Adam opens his mouth, I expect cock dust to come streaming out, but instead am greeted by one of the most feral rock howls going. I am not sure what kind of Faustian deal this guy had to make to get those pipes, but I am sure his colon’s health will pay the price in the end. There is really no way this guy does not make it to the finals. Every week he destroys (I mean seriously butchers the shit out of) a classic, minus his take on Smokey Robinson and Tears for Fears, and it seems to fly. That is what happens when you have enough swagger to go out there and do whatever you want. I would not be shocked to see him drop a reggae version “Smells Like Teen Spririt”, or put a Christian rock spin on “Shout at the Devil”, it would be absolutely awful, but the dude has the balls to make it work. Whether you watch Idol or not, it is worth checking out the way he made a pure mockery of “Born to be Wild”, but ended up killing it because it sounds like he has an army of castrati in his throat.

This season is pretty impressive, because once you weed out Matt, Chris and Lil’, and they should be leaving 1-2-3 over the consecutive weeks, the talent pool is pretty balanced. Anoop is continually amazing, and gets better every week. I just doubt that his frat brothers have enough pull to out vote the millions of teenage girls that will push Adam and Allison to the finals. I guess when you figure all of the above into the equation, I am still voting for Danny Gokey. His wife died, or something.

On a completely different note: if you have seen a movie trailer or tv spot, or commercial over the past year or so, you have no doubt been assaulted ad nauseum by Silversun Pickup’s “Lazy Eye”. It has been pretty much inescapable. If you were thinking that their Smashing Pumpkins impersonation would go the way of Jonathan Melvion, guess what? You were wrong. Their second disc, Swoon, comes out this week and pretty much goes all Siamese Dream over their debut disc.

I emailed some friends earlier and said I can already feel the floor sagging under the weight of bouncing twentysomethings when these kids hit the Peel on their next tour. Check out this leadoff track, and especially note the ridiculous breakdown when the song hits the 2:55 mark.


Silversun Pickups - There's No Secrets This Year

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