Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Citay - Dream Get Together

Although it is still too gray, murky, cold and wet to start thinking about spring, the new disc from San Francisco psych rock freakout band Citay helps set the tone for chasing wood gnomes around the forest and helping the May Queen with her spring cleaning.

As a rule I prefer my tripping balls music to be more dark and sludgy (Bardo Pond), and less wondrous and flighty, however "Dream Get Together" works amazingly well.

"Dream Get Together" might best be described as a soundtrack for an evening of Anton Newcombe being seduced, roofied and raped by Pan, at a Terrastock festival, with only a magic flute and Courtney Taylor-Taylor's phone number scratched on a mushroom cap remaining as the sun rises on the dense, sticky moss.

Or it is just a better than average Led Zeppelin ripoff. You can decide.


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