Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Some, 2011

First a little housekeeping; If you pick up the new Adele, 21 disc from Target it comes with a bonus track featuring her nail bending performance of the Grammy juggernaut, “Need You Now”, which proves two important points: 1.) Even the worst song can be salvaged with the right voice giving it juice 2.) Lady Antebellum is what cancer would sound like if it cancer had a sound. So, it’s probably a little early to put up a warm weather mix, but fuck it; to quote the Silver Jews “it’s sunny and seventy-five, feels so good to be alive”. If it snows next month, you can direct blame to my comment section. Plus, I thought a nice up tempo mix would be a nice change from the Debbie Downer playlist that has burrowed itself into my iPod over the past couple of months. This mix is mostly new music that has been released over the first couple of months of 2011. There are a couple of nuggets in here, and a couple that probably make no sense at all (they will probably be glaringly obvious), but they seemed to fit when I was putting this together. Enjoy!

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