Monday, January 26, 2009

Tobacco - F*cked Up Friends

If Dandelion Gum, 2007's excellent Black Moth Super Rainbow release, was a lysergic dream of hugs, kisses, popsicles, rainbows and marshmallows, Tom Fec's newest project, Tobacco, is like being slipped an angel dust mickey and waking up next to the dumpster behind the skating rink. On F**ked Up Friends, the BMSR frontman trades in his dreamy, soft focus electronic melodies for a dirtier, more ominous mix of analog trickery chock full of vocoders (suck your AutoTune, T-Pain), mellotrons, tape machines and analog synths.

Plenty of reviews are pimping this as an Air wannabe, but this is definitely not bachelor pad get your freak on music, unless you are planning on getting it on with the lady you picked up underneath the overpass with a shopping cart full of sudafed, grape soda and VHS tapes. Imagine Einsturzende Nebauten growing up in Chatsworth, CA instead of off the Autobahn and being influenced by Roger and Zapp instead of pneumatic drills and you are on the right track.



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  1. Do I hear that fine lady from the overpass shuffling down the gutter, or is that her asshole flapping in the wind?