Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronnie James Dio - RIP

RIP – Ronnie James Dio

I am sure there will be plenty of wizard and dragon jokes (trust me, I would probably make one if I had one at the ready), but in all seriousness Dio’s passing is truly a sad loss for music.

Be it in the boogie woogie blues of Elf, climbing the Silver Mountain with Rainbow, raising the bar for vocalists replacing already mega-successful vocalists in Black Sabbath or just plain scaring the bejeesus out of Baptist parents raising teen boys in the 80’s, Dio was/is f*cking legend.

I am pretty sure I still have “Holy Diver” on vinyl (from Columbia House no less ) in my closet at my parents.

Slay a dragon for me little man.

Here is a small Dio playlist I put together on the fly this morning.


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