Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drunk With the Only Saints I Know - mix

So after claiming I wasn’t doing mixes anymore, I have done two in very short order. At least I am consistent.

This mix is a little heavy on the mellow compared to some of my more recent posts, but still has some strong tracks and some real winners in the cover department. Starting things off is the leadoff track from the new Ariel Pink disc, Before Today, which I highly recommend. Also, if this track turns your crank you should check out his new tour EP called Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz which features an extended jam version of this song with the avant-garde jazz Added Pizzaz (hence the name). Following AP is the first of two unreleased, newish Wilco tracks from their Sky Blue Sky tour disc.

Next is the first of a handful of covers, starting with the most faithful which is a version of Old 97’s taking on R.E.M.’s “Driver 8”. Pretty much a note for note representation. Rhett Miller is no Michael Stipe, but the rest of the crew cranks out a solid take. Also on the cover front is Katy Perry’s version of the Sam Sparro hit “Black and Gold”. I think I included this for two reasons. One, I actually really like this version of the song and two, I felt like I needed a reason to justify my fascination with her other than the fact that I find her jawdropping hot. You take the auto-tune and high gloss production away, and this chick actually has some decent pipes. Ok, I am probably just appeasing myself, but it is still a nice song.

Following that, the other covers are Richard Hawley taking on Gordon Lightfoot (awesome), Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses taking on George Harrison (well done, if a little heavy on sap), Justin Townes Earle covering John Prine from the excellent new Prine cover disc “Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows” and a semi-succesful take on Nick Cave by Mates of State. I only included this one because it is one of my favorite Cave songs, and the source material is untouchable. That being said, the vocals and production come off a little weak and do not come anywhere close to having the stones to carry a Nick Cave song but it is listenable nonetheless.

There are a couple of funk workouts care of a new Of Montreal track and one from The Dream, both channeling their inner Prince. “Hydra Fancies” owing more to the late 80’s early 90’s version of the purple dwarf and “Yamaha” going back to the glory days of “Lady Cab Driver” and “All The Critics Love You in New York”.

Rounding out the mix and of note is a great remix/deconstruction of the Lindsay Lohan track “Bossy” by the electronic group Autre Ne Veut. They manage to take the original and turn Lohan’s voice into a disjointed and disconnected spectre hanging over some nice glitchy beats and making something otherwise unlistenable into something pretty nice. Consider it a reverse aural abortion. Also here is a track from the recent compilation of Carissa’s Weird, the precursor to Band of Horses and a track from the new Tom Jones disc of stark and sparse traditional gospel nuggets.

The Norma Jean (ripped from vinyl and a little scratchy at the :30 second mark) and Alice Cooper track are here just because I like them and think you should too.


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