Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Conway Twitty - I've Already Loved You in My Mind

Two things occurred to me this morning as I was listening to a Conway Twitty compliation I dug out of my cd pile: 1.) You really have to give it to a man that was obsessed with singing about laying the wood to silver haired ladies in an age prior to Viagra and 2.) This guy was kind of a sociopath.

Don’t get me wrong I love some Conway, but the more you delve into his catalog the more you realize that this guy was fighting with demons that would make Tiger Woods look like Andrea Dworkin.

I wasn’t sure which song could best sum up the Twitty experience; there were plenty in the running. It could have been “How Much More Can She Stand” where he talks about the devil that runs his body and renders him unable to stray from his woman, and hopes that she can understand. Also in the running, “Happy Birthday, Darlin’”, a sort of update on his classic “Hello, Darlin’”, but this one highlights all the things he would like to take away instead of giving to his lady on her birthday this year.

Also choice, “You’ve Never Been This Far Before” where that gosh darn devil now has his hands “exploring forbidden places”, or “Don’t Take It Away” which follows suit, but features one of the best Casio rhythm sections $200 could buy at the time. And trust me, if you ever check out his version of “Slow Hand”, you might never listen to the original the same way again.

However, I decided to settle on “I’ve Already Loved You In My Mind.” This sweet and touching tale of what I can only decipher as an ode cranking one out in the crapper at the club definitely wins the Ron Burgundy award. Grab a hankie, this one definitely will pull at your heartstrings.
Ladie's and Gentlemen... Conway Twitty.

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