Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Mix - The Wayback Machine - Destination 80's

This Friday mix is sort of thrown together and probably not sequenced the best, but at least it is something. This is largely culled from a collection of 80’s music that I have that represents some of my favorite early No Wave songs, some nice 12” singles from the era and some random and semi obscure tracks that I found later. One note, I remember hearing a lot of these songs the first time on the Georgia State University station WRAS 88.5 when I was in middle school. It is easy to remember your first album, your first cd etc., but I distinctly remember when I first stumbled across Album 88 and the Pandora’s box of great music that had been opened.

On a side note, if you have the ability to stream music at work or at home I can recommend no better website than the one for 91.1 WREK, the radio station at Georgia Tech. Granted at night they selection can slant toward more acquired tastes, but during the workday there is no better soundtrack. Starting with morning classical (not your boring, run of the mill NPR fare, but a nice and eclectic selection), then running into a couple hours of jazz followed by a freeform afternoon. Opening their stream is the first thing I do every morning after logging into my work ‘puter. You should definitely check them out.

As far as the mix goes, if there is anything you particularly like, especially on some of the lesser known stuff, and want to hear more, leave me a note.


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