Monday, March 30, 2009

Yes - Hearts of Sunrise

Even though I have somewhere around 12,000 tracks on my iPod, sometimes I am shocked to find the one perfect song is not on there. I was walking my dog this morning before work, and for some reason I really needed to hear “Hearts of Sunrise” by Yes. After scrolling frantically for a block or two, I realized it just wasn’t there.

Just in case anyone else out there had the same problem this morning, here ya’ go.


  1. i had the exact same problem last night, except instead of Yes i was hunting a roast pork with prunes recipe by Vincent Price, and instead of walking my dog i was walking your dog

  2. roast pork with prunes? is that a pseudonym for the lucky pierre porridge he made famous on a Bob Hope USO tour along with Rip Taylor and Tab Hunter?