Thursday, February 19, 2009

10,000 Feet and Rising pt. 1

Where's my Brawndo?!? I am ready to kick it X Games style as I head to Park City next week. And by X Games style I mean sitting on the sofa in front of a fire, cold beer in one hand, joystick in the other while rocking SSX on the PS2.

Alright in reality both scenarios listed above are bullshit, but nonetheless I will be hitting the slopes in Utah and trying to chase a buzz while drinking 3.2% Mormon beer.

Since I am going to try to make an effort not to touch my computer at all next week, I am going ahead and loading up two long mixes over the next couple of days. Both parts of this mix should provide the perfect soundtrack to six snowblind days in the land of polygamy and magic underpants, but will also work just as well in the '07.

Of the two, pt.1 is a much more mellow affair - think snow angels and dilaudid while pt. 2 is more like what the inside of your brain might taste like after huffing Krylon for a long weekend.

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