Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Round and Round and Round and Round...

I saw The Wrestler over the weekend, and was completely underwhelmed. Make no mistake about it Mickey Rourke gives a nice performance, but honestly he was upstaged by Marisa Tomei's forty four year old rack. Overall I would say it was a good movie, but it felt like there was about an hour missing somewhere along the way - the same way Aronofsky left me feeling after The Fountain.

One of the best scenes in the movie featured The Ram calling Kurt Cobain a pussy and preaching the gospel of hair metal while giving Marisa Tomei a lap dance to Ratt's Round and Round.

After seeing that song, and Ratt for that matter, destroyed a few years back by a version of Ratt that replaced Stephen Pearcy with an assclown named Jizzy Pearl (that's right, Jizzy Pearl) the scene was a nice reminder that when Ratt was firing on all cylinders they could on a very limited scale hang with the big boys.

Here is the original Round and Round video that features a bizarre appearance by Mr. Television, Milton Berle (his nephew was the band's manager). Also included are a couple of decent covers of the song. One a folky cover by Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr's Lou Barlow, the other a bluegrass version by The Meat Purveyors.

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