Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fish Fry pt. 2

This week’s mix is probably way larger and indulgent than necessary, but it has been 75 degrees all week and I though some back porch music was much needed. Keeping that in mind, the tracks skew toward alt-country, blues and bluegrass: the perfect blend for reaching righteous levels of insobriety and menace.

A quick breakdown of some of the highlights: Great Fleetwood Mac cover by Whiskeytown. The Kathleen Edwards track is my favorite of hers, off of her first album. Grandpa Jones doesn’t really need anything said other than “Hee-Haw”, and he is singing a bluegrass standard. The Gillian Welch track highlights a bass line looser than a truck stop waitress and greasier than her panties. The Dave Dudley track hints of novelty song, but seems to fit pretty well. Anyone that watches Lost will recognize the classic “Shotgun Willie” from an episode early in this season. “Barstool Mountain” is an oft overlooked gem by one of the truly scariest country artists of all time, Johnny Paycheck. The Banjo & Sullivan track is from the Devil’s Rejects soundtrack, and is actually performed by Jesse Dayton. Adrienne Young’s cover of “Brokedown Palace” is my favorite version of that song, next to the original. “Old Enough” features the Dr. Wilbur Larch ether soaked pairing of Ricky Skaggs and Jack White. And finally, if you can hang in til the end “Southside of Heaven” by Ryan Bingham is just about as perfect as a song can come.

Note: I have enabled comments on the site so that you do not have to have to register to leave them. If there are any tracks you really dig, post a note and I can add the tracks for download as opposed to the monster 2 hour mix. Also, if there are any bands you find that you want to hear more of, let me know.

So now to quote Muddy Waters, “bring me champagne when I am thirsty, bring me reefer when I want to get high”.


Friday Afternoon Fish Fry pt.2 (link) now with streaming goodness

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  1. drunk on whiskey, drunk on wine
    jesus don't love me but the devil don't mind

  2. routed by snow this week, but i will be back portchin' to this mix soon.